Certified Blockchain Architect

Certified Blockchain Architect

A Certified Blockchain Architect has demonstrated proficiency in Blockchain functions, architecture and security and has acquired specialized skills to assess and design real-world Blockchain solutions

Certified Blockchain Architect Certificate

About The Certification

The Blockchain Architect track is comprised of three courses that develop skills in Blockchain functions, architectural models, technology and security. The final course module consists of a series of lab exercises that require participants to apply their knowledge of the preceding courses in order to fulfill project requirements and solve real world problems. Completion of these courses as part of a virtual or on-site workshop results in each participant receiving an official Digital Certificate of Completion, as well as a Digital Training Badge from Acclaim/Credly. To achieve the Blockchain Architect Certification, Exam BC90.01 must be completed with a passing grade.

A Certified Blockchain Architect understands the business value and technology architecture behind Blockchain, as well as the inner workings of Blockchain technologies and solutions. In addition to a proven understanding of the distributed ledger, immutable data storage and consensus processing, a Certified Blockchain Architect has proficiency with Blockchain architectural models, distributed ledger co-existence models and Blockchain security threats and counter-measures.

Buy a single module for $99 USD OR buy the certification training bundle and get a 20% discount of the total training cost if bought individually. Exam Costs are not included.

Certification Exams  need to be purchased separately.

Blockchain Certification Training Courses

Blockchain Course Module 1

Module 1: Fundamentals of Blockchain

This module provides a clear, end-to-end understanding of how blockchain works. It breaks down blockchain technology and architecture in easy-to-understand concepts, terms and building blocks. Industry drivers and impacts of blockchain are explained, followed by plain English descriptions of each primary part of a blockchain system and step-by-step descriptions of how these parts work together.

Blockchain Course Module 2

Module 2: Blockchain Technology & Architecture

This module delves into blockchain technology architecture and the inner workings of blockchains by exploring a series of key design patterns, techniques and related architectural models, along with common technology mechanisms used to customize and optimize blockchain application designs in support of fulfilling business requirements.

Blockchain Course Module 3

Module 3: Blockchain Lab

This module presents participants with a series of exercises and problems that are designed to test their ability to apply their knowledge of topics covered in previous courses. Completing this lab will help highlight areas that require further attention and will further prove hands-on proficiency in blockchain technologies, mechanisms and security controls as they are applied and combined to solve real-world problems.