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Learn, Upskill and Get Certified in the very latest emerging technologies of the future through eLearning. We offer 7 certification tracks dedicated to DevOps, Blockchain, IoT, Cybersecurity, Containerization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Learn at your own pace, 24×7 anytime, anywhere and on any device. The perfect solution for busy technology professionals.

EZY Skills is an Arcitura Authorized Reseller that has received authorization to resell Arcitura-related educational products, such as Pearson VUE exam vouchers and eLearning courses.

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Get job ready for the future through vendor neutral eLearning training and certification

Information technology is being driven by transformative change. These emerging and future technologies will be the pillars on which future business (services and products) will be built, driving transformative change across industries, government, and society. These transformative technologies already impacting organisations, will present opportunities for individuals and organisations to build future products and services and change existing ones.

 In order to be job ready for the future, the EZY Tech Academy will enable you to keep abreast with these changes, provide you vendor neutral training and globally recognised certification  to ensure you and your organisation have the skills necessary to be competitive in rapidly changing world.

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About The EZY Tech Academy

The EZY Tech Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum (through Arcitura) of eLearning training courses and certifications focused on the latest emerging and future technology innovations that have become important and relevant to mainstream IT. This growing curriculum encompasses a set of specialized tracks, each of which provides formal training and accreditation in a distinct and contemporary field of practice.

The curriculum is comprised of 21 course modules and 7 certification tracks. For each certification track within the EZY Tech Academy, a set of 3 courses is available, along with a single exam. Exams are made available via Pearson VUE online proctoring. Upon achieving an accreditation, certification holders receive a formal digital certificate and an Acclaim/Credly digital badge from Arcitura with an account that supports the online verification of certification status.

In light of the increasing limitations imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak and the financial impact it is having on many individuals and organizations, EZY Skills along with Arcitura have temporarily dropped the price of all of its eLearning study kits by 50%. Arcitura is furthermore providing complimentary access to its interactive online video courses. The prices shown on our website already reflect the 50% discount offer.

In addition, all eLearning kit bundles are still priced with a 20% discount. For example a three-kit eLearning bundle is now priced at USD $237.60 ($99 X 3 – 20% bundle discount)

HURRY!!!! this offer will not last. Now’s the time to learn new skills!

Emerging Technology Certifications

Certified DevOps Specialist

Certified DevOps Specialist

Certified DevOps Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in DevOps processes, metrics and models and has acquired specialized skills to put DevOps techniques into real-world practice.

To achieve the DevOps Specialist Certification, Exam DO90.01 must be completed with a passing grade.

Certified Blockchain Architect

A Certified Blockchain Architect has demonstrated proficiency in Blockchain functions, architecture and security and has acquired specialized skills to assess and design real-world Blockchain solutions

To achieve the Blockchain Architect Certification, Exam BC90.01 must be completed with a passing grade.

Certified Blockchain Architect
Certified Machine Learning Specialist

Certified Machine Learning Specialist

A Certified Machine Learning Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in machine learning methods, models and algorithms and can design scalable machine learning systems capable of solving complex business problems

To achieve the Machine Learning Specialist Certification, Exam ML90.01 must be completed with a passing grade.

Certified Artificial Intelligence Specialist

A Certified Artificial Intelligence Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in artificial intelligence (AI) approaches and algorithms, and proven skills for designing and validating AI solutions and modeling neural networks

To achieve the Artificial Intelligence Specialist Certification, Exam AI90.01 must be completed with a passing grade

Certified Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Certified IoT Architect

Certified IoT Architect

A Certified IoT Architect has demonstrated proficiency in IoT technology architecture, protocols, mechanisms and security, and has acquired specialized skills to assess, design and deliver real-world IoT solutions.

To achieve the IoT Architect Certification, Exam IOT90.01 must be completed with a passing grade. 

Certified Containerization Architect

Certified Containerization Architect has demonstrated proficiency in containerization technology and architecture, along with specialized skills for assessing, designing and securing highly available container-hosted services and solutions.

To achieve the Containerization Architect Certification, Exam CN90.01 must be completed with a passing grade. 

Coming Soon
Certified Containerization Architect
Coming Soon
Cybersecurity Specialist

Certified Cybersecurity Specialist

Certified Cybersecurity Specialist has demonstrated proficiency with the technologies and practices used to protect a range of digital assets, and further counter and prevent common cyber attacks and threats.

To achieve the Cybersecurity Specialist Certification, Exam CS90.01 must be completed with a passing grade.

Certification Tracks

Tech Academy Certification Track

Benefits of Certification

A certification is a formal documentation of accomplishments that proves that a candidate has demonstrated theoretical knowledge and practical know how in a particular field of practice.

The attainment of a certification enables successful candidates to obtain proficiency in contemporary areas of IT responsible for important and modern innovations that are redefining the IT landscape.

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