Management of Risk

Management of Risk (M_o_R) provides a generic framework for the management of risk across all activities of an organisation. M_o_R guidance brings together recommended approaches, checklists and pointers to more detailed sources of advice on tools and techniques. M_o_R is aligned with ISO31000, but provides additional detailed guidance on how to embed risk management in an organisation.


The Management of Risk (M_o_R) certification incorporates all the activities required to identify and control the exposure to any type of risk, positive or negative, which may have an impact on the achievement of your business objectives, in normal business operations as well as in portfolios, programmes and projects.

risk management

The M_o_R framework is based on four core concepts, which include:

1. An underlying set of principles, informed by corporate governance principles and ISO31000:2009, that guide organisations as they design their internal controls;
2. An approach, being the organisational policies, process guide, and strategies for each organisational activity, that explain how the principles have been adapted and adopted to suit each activity;  and
3. A set of processes to identify, assess, plan and implement risk to an activity; and
4. Embed into organisational DNA, and review periodically, to ensure that the approach and processes are consistently applied across the organisation, and continually improved.

PRINCE2® Project Management

For Individuals

Adds value to your resume by building credentials as a Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) professional

Provides industry recognition through risk management certification that is globally recognised

Helps you learn important skills and get certified in Risk Management

Contributes to career growth and higher income as a certified GRC professional

Provides better job and networking opportunities

Opens up the global job market as a Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) professional to you

Helps you take advantage of the shortage of Certified GRC Managers globally

Provides a pathway to senior executive roles in Governance Risk Compliance in organisations


For Organisations

Ensure your organisation's Governance Risk Compliance professionals are trained to meet your organisation's governance, risk and compliance goals and objectives

Formal certification against a globally recognised benchmark for governance, risk and compliance will ensure that a structured and consistent repeatable methodology is embedded within your organisation

Reduction in training costs (through eLearning / Self Learn methodology) will result in increased employee productivity as training would be done by employees on their own time and convenience thereby avoiding loss of employee “work time” through traditional classroom based methods

Training that will be perceived by employees as a real benefit in their jobs to achieve business outcomes and provide career pathways to senior management especially during the global coronavirus pandemic

Certification complements existing employee retention and benefit strategies and policies

Our courseware designers are certified and accredited professionals with 100+ years of industry experience. They are supported by instructional designers, content designers and technology staff to ensure that the training courseware made available is of the highest global standard and meet educational and certification benchmarks.

Our Trainers & Consultants are working professionals at the top of their games, and highly respected in their fields with strong business, academic and teaching credentials. These professionals bring a blend of practical global industry experience and training skills gained by training thousands of aspiring individuals over the years.

Cost effectiveness and availability through eLearning (Self Learn) training courseware, reference materials and notes can be saved to employees hard drive or “in the cloud” for easy access anytime, anywhere. The cost of purchasing hardcopy and/or printing is greatly reduced. Online courses are extremely cost-effective and can be utilized efficiently.

If you are an organisation with offices and staff in multiple locations, access to online training is a real benefit.

Risk Management Course Audience

Our courses are designed for those leading, managing and supporting organisational change initiatives, such as:

Senior Managers Executives and Directors;

Governance, Risk and Compliance professionals and Managers;

Programme Management Office (PMO) Managers and Risk Analysts;

Actuaries and Insurance Industry professionals

Governance, GRC consultants;

Individuals aspiring to become GRC professionals

Those seeking certification in Risk Management

Those in the Infrastructure, Financial and Government sectors of the economy

Management of Risk Foundation
Management of Risk Practitioner
Management of Risk (MoR) Certificates


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