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What are the benefits of elearning (self learn) courses  ?

For Individuals & Organisations
The current global pandemic of COVID-19 has shone a light on the need for online training and will act as a catalyst for revolutionising the educational industry.

For Individuals: Whether you are a student, working professional, unemployed worker or a corporation or government agency, it is during times of restrictions and recessions that the need for upskilling, re-training or further education becomes paramount.

For Organisations “working form home” is the “new normal”.

Utilizing the internet for improving an individuals skills is the ultimate way to climb up the success ladder and is the best investment that you can make for yourself or your organisation in preparing for the future.

Geographic reach
If you are an organisation with offices and staff in multiple locations or an individual who is on the go due to the nature of work, access to online is a real benefit
Todays faced paced personal and business environment we live in, leaves us with little time to focus on upskilling to meet our career growth (individual) or business requirements (corporations).

Online training courses can be taken anytime, anywhere. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection. Making time during your coffee breaks at work, sitting on your couch and taking online courses instead of watching television, and listening to audio/video files while travelling to and from work are some of the ways online training courses can be taken up. This ensures flexibility in terms of time and effort.

Mobility and Accessibility
With the proliferation of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, online courses are not only restricted to desktops; our courses are configured for all types of devices.

Thinking of taking a course while travelling? eLearning is now literally in your pockets.

Cost effectiveness and Availability
Traditional classroom-based course requires physical copies of books, notes, and the physical presence of professors / trainers to deliver courses.

Through online training, courseware, reference materials and notes can be saved on your hard drive or “in the cloud” (eg: EZY Skills online learning platform) for easy access anytime anywhere and can be viewed multiple times without limit.

The cost of purchasing hardcopy and/or printing is greatly reduced.

Online courses are extremely cost-effective and can be utilized efficiently.

Practise and Information Retention
Classroom based, instructor-led training can force trainees to lose concentration and reduce learning on topics because of long lectures, where speech (supported by slides) is the major mode of communication.

Online courses on the other hand, help trainees retain and remember information with attractive images, videos, legible fonts, movie clips, animated descriptions, and more. Real-life examples are also given to explain concepts better. Displaying information in well-crafted ways lead to better understanding of learning content more than taking notes with pen and paper.

Another advantage is that learner / trainers can always come back and revisit course content at any time to improve information retention and knowledge.

Self paced Learning 24x7
As an online training provider, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. Courses are available at your fingertips 24×7. You can always re-visit the content anytime as you will have access for 180 days from your date of enrollment.
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