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Common questions about examinations

Can I just pay for the training course now and pay for the exam later?
No. Our ATO licences with the Examination Institutes prevent us from offering training without exams. If you don’t need certification, you could simply read the relevant reference manual, but you wouldn’t benefit from the practical experience embedded in our courses.
Can I just do the training and not take the exam?
Once you’ve paid for a course (which includes the cost of a onetime exam) it’s up to you whether you in fact take the exam.

We highly recommend that you take your certification examination as it will provide you with globally recognised professional credentials that will help you in your career.

What are the costs of the examinations?

Examination costs vary based on the Region you live in. Prices for your exams are determined by the relevant Examination Institute (PeopleCert or APMG).

The Examination Fees (shown at checkout)  are automatically calculated and are included in the cost of your course. EZY Skills passes the cost of these Exmaniation Fees directly through to you at the rate charged by the relevant institute.

Can I book my exam directly with an examination institute?
Yes. The price you pay to EZY Skills includes the examination fee (that examination institutes charge you, however we make the examination bookings on your behalf).

Both examination institutes (People Cert and APMG) charge significantly more for exams booked directly by the candidate. For example: PeopleCert charge us AUD244 for a PRINCE2 Foundation exam, whereas PeopleCert would charge you AUD501 for the same exam if you booked it directly with them.

We highly recommend that you do not make examination bookings directly with an examination institute.


How do I book my exams?
After you pay for your course, which includes the examination fee, we will book your exams with the relevant examination institute after you email us at courses@ezyskills.com.au  to confirm that you are ready to take your exam .

The examination institute will then contact you directly to tell you:
– How to schedule your exams;
– What are their technical requirements for taking the online examination

Does EZY Skills offer paper-based exams?
No. EZY Skills only an online training academy. As a result, we offer only online examinations from the relevant examination institute
What are the technical requirements for me to take an online proctored exam?
PeopleCert’s technical requirements are published here .

PeopleCert require that you download their ExamShield software onto the device you will be using to take the exam. This may mean disabling some software (antivirus, virtualisation, etc).

APMG’s requirements are less onerous, and they don’t require download of software.


What happens if the examination institute does not contact me?
Both examination institutes contact candidates within a day of us booking your exams. If you haven’t heard from them, contact (email) us at courses@ezyskills.com.au  and quote your ‘exam id’ and advise that the examination institute has not contacted you.

The most usual cause of delay is an issue with an incorrect email address or redirection of the examination institute’s emails to your email software spam folder

How long is the exam booking valid?
Exam bookings are generally valid for 12 months.
If I don’t schedule an exam within the 12 month validity period of the exam booking, can I request an extension?
Yes, but the examination institute will charge a fee.

For example, PeopleCert, the fee is AUD36 to purchase a 6 months extension.

For APMG, the fee is AUD100.

These are indicative prices only.

If you don’t take action before the end of the validity period, you may have to pay the examination institute the full exam fee again.

Please email us at courses@ezyskills.com.au to check for prices as they vary by region and the fact that the Examination Institute may change their fees at any time.

Once I schedule an exam, can I reschedule it?
Yes. Just contact the examination institute directly and advise them of the new date and time you wish to take the exam.
Is there a fee if I reschedule an exam?
Yes, PeopleCert will charge you an additional fee of AUD36.

APMG will not charge a fee if you reschedule the exam more than 9 days before the exam, otherwise they will charge you AUD100. If you cancel or reschedule an exam within 9 days of the scheduled date, APMG will charge you the full exam fee again.

Before you contact an examination institute to schedule your online exam, please make sure that you can take the exam on that date.

We recommend that you take your exam as soon as possible after you finish the course.

Note the prices indicated above are for indicative purposes only. Please email us at courses@ezyskills.com.au  or the examination institute directly to confirm current pricing. These prices may vary by Region or changes by the examination institute.

How many times can I re-schedule my exam?
We are not aware of any limit on the number of times you can reschedule an exam with an examination institute.
What happens if I scheduled my exam and there was an emergency like an illness and cannot take it at that time?
Your exam fee will be forfeited to the examination institute, and you may have to pay for the exam again.
What are the exam terms and conditions?
Each examination institute will advise you of their terms and conditions when they contact you after we have booked your exam.
What are the exam pass rates?
Globally, pass rates are as follows:
– Foundation exams: over 95%;
– Practitioner exams: around 75-80%.
What are the examination pass rates from people who have taken your courses?
Canditates in our courses have consistently achieved much higher pass rates, due to the quality of our trainers and training materials. Our pass rates are around:
– Foundation exams: around 99%
– Practitioner exams: around 90%
Can you 'guarantee' that I will pass a certification exam?
No. Your success or otherwise is dependent on the effort you put into the course. Our courses are designed by world class practitioners with significant industry experience.

Our courseware is used by leading organisations globally. However, we are confident that if you devote the time required to “Learn Upskill Get Certified” you will have all the information required to pass the exam

How valuable is a 'Foundation exam pass guarantee' from an ATO?
It’s marketing spin, and almost worthless. Foundation exams pass rates are really high, and with a reasonable effort on your part, you will almost certainly pass a Foundation exam.
Is a certification gained through an ATO that 'guarantees passing the Practitioner exam' worthwhile?
No. The scheme owners set the difficulty level of the Practitioner exams much higher than for the Foundation exams, so that pass rates are expected to be much lower at Practitioner level.

Any ATO that guarantees Practitioner pass rates should be regarded with deep suspicion.

Employers will eventually become aware of such ATOs, probably after hiring people who were trained by these ATOs and finding that these people simply do not demonstrate the knowledge or competence that would be expected from the holder of a Practitioner certificate.

These employers will subsequently discount certificates acquired through these ATOs during the hiring process, and the holders of such certificates will have wasted the money they spent to acquire their certificates.

If an examination institute finds that the Practitioner exam pass rates of an ATO are suspiciously high, they will audit the ATO and potentially cancel their accreditations, which will possibly make certificates acquired through that ATO worthless.

Does the examination institute tell me the 'mark" I achieved in an exam?
Yes, they will provide you with an examiner’s report that will show your total mark, and your mark against each major syllabus topic, but not your mark for each question.

This will give you some general guidance on which aspects of the course you might need to review.

If I fail an exam, when can I resit that exam?
We would recommend that you review the examiner’s report you received after your first exam, identify the areas that you need to revise, then when you are confident, purchase the exam again.

Remember, you have access to your online course for 180 days.

Do I get a 'discount off the exam fee' if I take an exam for a second time?
No, the examination institute will charge the full exam fee for the second attempt.
If I pass the Foundation exam, is it likely I will pass the Practitioner exam?
While no guarantee can be given, if you receive more than around 65% of the marks available in a Foundation exam, in our experience it is highly likely that you will pass the associated Practitioner exam, provided you put in the effort required to prepare for the exam.

Conversely, if your mark in a Foundation exam is less than around 65%, we would suggest that you do not immediately attempt the Practitioner exam, without a lot more preparation.

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