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Common questions about Certification

If I pass an exam, how will my certificate be delivered to me?

A successful candidate will be able to download their certificate from the relevant examination institute’s candidate registration system.

If I pass the Foundation exam but do not pass the Practitioner exam will I still receive a Foundation certificate?


If I passed both the Foundation exam and the Practitioner exam, will I receive a certificate for each?

If you make two separate bookings, one for the Foundation exam and a different booking for the Practitioner exam, then you will receive a certificate for each.

Where both exams were booked on the same booking, and you pass both exams, then you will only receive the Practitioner certificate.

If I do the training only, will I receive an 'Attendance Certificate'?

AXELOS has determined that ATOs can no longer issue Attendance Certificates for Axelos courses. ATOs are only able to provide a letter stating that a person attended a specific course.

It is still possible for ATOs to issue Attendance Certificates (if requested) for APMG courses.

Who issues certificates if I pass a Foundation or Practitioner course?

The examination institute associated with a course issues globally recognised certificates to successful candidates on behalf of the owner of the scheme for that course.

Can I find out if someone has passed a certification exam?

Each scheme owner maintains a Successful Candidates Register website. By default, all successful candidates will be listed in the Register, with the date on which they passed the certification exam.

However, some candidates decide to opt out of this arrangement, for example for security or privacy reasons.

If someone presents a certificate to an employer, but their name is not listed in the associated Register, an enquiry can be made to the scheme owner to confirm that the certificate is valid.

What are the URLs of the Successful Candidates Registers?

For AXELOS courses, click here  
For APMG courses, click here 

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