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Better Business CasesTM(BBC) is a systematic and objective approach to all stages of the business case development process. It also provides an Options Framework, that can be used to generate and assess a wide range of options for projects and programmes. This course will help you develop and appraise proposals and clearly communicate conclusions and recommendations

A business case provides decision makers, investors, stakeholders and the public with a management tool for evidence based and transparent decision making. It is a major business instrument used to measure delivery and performance against investment objectives that underpin business strategy. It is a business case that clearly documents the objectives, outcomes, benefits, risks, opportunities and threats of a business investment.

A business case is not just a record of the Return on Investment from a financial perspective but provides the business context for decision makers in an organisation. As a matter of good practise, all types of investments either through projects or programmes must have a business case that underpin them to provided guidance over the lifecycle of the investment.

What is Better Business Cases (BBC) based on?

business cases

The Better Business Cases guidance is based on the Five Case Model, the UK government’s best practice approach to planning spending proposals and enabling effective business decisions.

This provides a step by step guide to developing a business case by:

  • Establishing a clear justification for intervention – a case for change
  • Setting clear objectives – what you want to achieve from the investment
  • Considering a wide range of potential solutions – ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risk
  • Putting the arrangements in place to successfully deliver the proposal

Our courses are based on the 2016 edition of Better Business Cases and the associated International Guide to the Project Business Case. Better Business Cases now also provides guidance on developing programme Business Cases, which we have enhanced using our deep knowledge of programme management and the MSP programme management method.


For Individuals

Adds value to your resume by building credentials as a Certified Business Case specialist in your organisation

Core business competency for any senior manager, executive, director or business owner

Provides industry recognition as the Better Business Cases certification is globally recognised

Helps you learn and enhance important skills and get certified in Business Case Development or Evaluation

An improved understanding of the Business Case process, if you are responsible for developing them or evaluating or approving them

Contributes to career growth and higher income as a certified Business Case professional

Provides better job prospects and pathways into senior management roles and networking opportunities into other industries and roles


For Organisations

Ensure your organisation's Business and Finance professionals are trained to meet your investment evaluation and compliance goals and objectives

Formal certification against a globally recognised benchmark for business case development and appraisal will ensure that a structured and consistent repeatable methodology is embedded within your organisation

Reduce external consultancy costs for business case development in your organisation

Improve core business skills required to achieve strategic and business objectives and improve the quality of decision making in your organisation

Reduction in training costs (through eLearning / Self Learn methodology) will result in increased employee productivity as training would be done by employees on their own time and convenience thereby avoiding loss of employee “work time” through traditional classroom based methods

Training that will be perceived by employees as a real benefit in their jobs to achieve business outcomes and provide career pathways to senior management especially during the global coronavirus pandemic

Certification complements existing employee retention and benefit strategies and policies

Our courseware designers are certified and accredited professionals with 100+ years of industry experience. They are supported by instructional designers, content designers and technology staff to ensure that the training courseware made available is of the highest global standard and meet educational and certification benchmarks.

Our Trainers & Consultants are working professionals at the top of their games, and highly respected in their fields with strong business, academic and teaching credentials. These professionals bring a blend of practical global industry experience and training skills gained by training thousands of aspiring individuals over the years.

Cost effectiveness and availability through eLearning (Self Learn) training courseware, reference materials and notes can be saved to employees hard drive or “in the cloud” for easy access anytime, anywhere. The cost of purchasing hardcopy and/or printing is greatly reduced. Online courses are extremely cost-effective and can be utilized efficiently.

If you are an organisation with offices and staff in multiple locations, access to online training is a real benefit.

Course Audience

Our courses are designed for those leading, managing and supporting organisational change initiatives, such as:

Senior Managers Executives and Directors;

Corporate Finance professionals and Managers;

Programme Management Office (PMO) Managers and Analysts;

Accountants and Investment Banking professionals

Business consultants

Entrepreneurs interested in capital raising

Those seeking to add to their business skills and education

Those in the Infrastructure, Financial and Government sectors of the economy

Better Business Cases
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