Better Business CasesTM                    Foundation Course

This course is structured around the UK Five Cases Model, which provides a disciplined, step by step approach to the development of a robust investment proposal. 

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Business Cases foundation

The Foundation Course will:

The philosophy and underlying rationale of the Five Cases Model, as well as the structure and key terminology of the model

The different types of business case, their purpose, who is responsible for them and when they are required in the development of a spending proposal

The development of the business case in relation to other recognized and recommended best practice for programme and project management

Approaches to implementation and the factors to consider in sustaining progress

Who Should Enroll?

This course is aimed at anyone overseeing, a project or investment to understand the work that is necessary to prove a case for investment

Senior Responsible Officers (SROs), Senior Managers and Executives, Investment Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisers, Business Consultants

Programme Directors and Project Managers, with responsibility for the successful delivery of programmes and projects

Directors of Finance, Procurement and Planning, with responsibility for the forward planning of operational aspects of a proposal

Members of the Management Board (Chairman, non-executives, the CEO and other directors), with strategic responsibility for approving proposals throughout their life span.

Anyone wishing to round out their resume with a formal internationally recognised business case certification.


There are no prerequisites for the course, however some exposure to business cases would be useful.

Candidates for the Practitioner exam must have previously passed the Foundation exam.


Course Content

The Foundation Course covers:

The terms and concepts relating to the Five Cases Model

How the Strategic Case is developed; the steps and the responsibilities involved

How the Economic Case is developed; the steps and the responsibilities involved

The terms and concepts of the Commercial Case

The terms and concepts of the Financial Case

The terms and concepts of the Management Case

Purpose of the key stages in the development and delivery of a spending proposal

Purpose of a Strategic Outline Programme Case and in what circumstances it should be considered

Purpose of a Business Justification Case and in what circumstances it should be considered

Purpose of a Strategic Outline Case

Purpose of an Outline Business Case

Responsibilities for the business planning process

Relationship with best practice programme and project management methodologies

Relationship between policies, strategies, programmes and projects and their deliverables

Course Outline

Information Sessions:

  1. About the course
  2. About the exams
  3. Contact and Support
  4. Tour of the eLearning interface

Exam Preparation:

  1. Foundation Exam Guidance
  2. Foundation Exam Simulator 
Course Modules:
  1. The Context of Business Cases
  2. Overview of BBC
  3. The Five Cases Model
  4. Types of Business Cases
  5. The Business Case Development Lifecycle
  6. The Options Framework
  7. Strategic Assessment
  8. Scoping a Scheme
  9. Planning a Scheme
  10. Procuring a Scheme
  11. Applying BBC to Programmes
  12. Course Closure

Professional Development

Successful completion of this course may entitle you to credits in various professional development programmes:

Certification Exam

The Foundation Exam is a 40 minute closed book multiple choice exam. You must get at least 25 of the 50 questions correct to pass.

The examination is conducted by APMG, subject to their terms and conditions.

EZY Skills will book your examinations with APMG who will then contact you by email and ask you to register in their candidate system. They will also let you know how to schedule the date and time you wish to take your examination.

Your course fee allows for a “one time” sitting at the examination. Please be aware that if you schedule an examination with APMG but do not take that examination as scheduled, APMG will charge you an additional fee for the examination. You will not be able to reschedule a missed examination until this additional fee has been paid.

Reference Manuals

Each Foundation course is self-contained; the reference manual is available as a PDF document as part of this course.

Follow-on Courses

We recommend that those who have completed the Foundation course should move on to the BBC Practitioner course as soon as possible, while their knowledge of BBC remains fresh.

The most economical way to take both Foundation and Practitioner courses is our BBC Combined Foundation and Practitioner course.

We also reccomend our Project Management Courses

Excluding GST. APMG Examination Fee charged at Checkout

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